• See a medical professional from the comfort of your home or from the Wellness Room at our Pharmacy.
  • Telemedicine provides an option for medical care when traditional office visits cannot be conveniently scheduled.
  • Physicians are available 24/7/365.
  • Through a laptop, iPad, tablet or smart phone, patients will be able to conveniently access a variety of quality healthcare     services including pediatric care.
  • Telemedicine allows users to interact with nationally recognized providers in a private setting using high-definition videoconferencing.
  • Prescriptions and recommended over the counter items will be ready for pickup at our pharmacy shortly after your visit is complete.·        
  • Customers ages 3 and above can be treated for minor and common health conditions. A record of the visit is maintained, ensuring seamless communication and continuity of care. A summary of the visit will be emailed to the patient and stored in the Amwell medical record for future reference.

Enroll today at : valuehealth.amwell.com


 Services are available on smart phones and tablet devices by visiting the app store and downloading the Amwell mobile application. During your initial enrollment, select COMMUNITY PHARMACY and be sure to enter VALUE as the service key.