Compounding medications is the perfect solution to pain management. In working with you and your doctors, we’re able to develop medications that specifically address your needs. We’ll find and custom-make medications that your body and its unique makeup will tolerate, so you can enjoy the effectiveness of your medicine without side effects.


Another strong advantage of compounding pain medications is that we can create a transdermal delivery mechanism. The creams and gels can be formulated to provide a high level of local concentrations at the site of the pain. Topical medications can also be formulated to allow for systemic absorption for treatment of whole-body pain. 


Some of the more common pain-inducing disorders with which we work with include:




·Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

·Inflammatory Pain

·Myofascial Pain


·Acute Sports Injuries

·       Back Pain Axial Back/Post-Laminectomy


·Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

·Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

·Diabetic Neuropathy


·Musculoskeletal Pain

·Phantom Limb Pain

·Plantar Fasciitis

·Post Herpetic Neuralgia

·Trigeminal Neuralgia