What can we offer you?

Integrate a clinical pharmacist into your practice 1-2 days per week at NO COST TO YOU to perform:

1.   Annual Wellness Visits


2.  Chronic Care Management

·         Monthly encounters for patients with chronic disease states

3.  Transitions of Care Management

·         Medication reconciliation post-discharge

4.  Diabetes Self Management Education

5.  Incident to:

·         Any service under the physician’s and pharmacist’s scope that the physician delegates to the pharmacist


Ultimately, we have the same goals as you and are similar in more ways than one:

·         As an independent pharmacy we compete against chains – you compete against hospitals and larger health care organizations.

·         We are scrutinized by quality measures, which dictate reimbursements from insurance companies.

·         We understand your increased workload and frustration with preferred networks.

·         Most importantly, we share the same passion for patient care and our profession as you do.

Allow us to join your team and help make the most of reimbursements, without adding another individual to your payroll.